Any chance of a Rambo First blood class with exploding arrows??


While I tend to Hate Newbie Users and there silly Ideas. And this one is pretty Silly.

The Bow for FT has been discussed a few times.

However we go with End of Movie Dutch Shirtless always mudded up with his Fire Arrows and machete style knife as the New Class.

I do think a Bow that could be used for Mid Range combat would be cool. With multiple style of Arrows.

Normal, Fire/exploding, and maybe a PDL style arrow that last the same about of time as the Pdl but keeps the pred Spotted till it falls off.

Rambo would be take a whole new level.

There isn’t enough in game mechanics to make a working Rambo class.

I would love to see a Rambo Game in the near future tho.

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I just wish they put more emphasis on bow designs because that is sort of a thing with me.
I want to feel proud to weld one. Instead we just have one type and we work with it…change the colour. but nothing really lengendary about it. I’m kind of surprised its not a priority to make custom designs for with Illfonic. It would be extreme sexy to have a canon based variety.

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No. No chance whatsoever.


Get wrecked!

Also it’s called a Bundle Bow lol

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