Any clue to Single Player mode release anymore?

I know, I know…
“this is a MP title”… “no one cares”… " no challenging AI"… “go to play something else”

But i still hope for some gamemode that put the player in the pred clothes during a simple hunt, vs AI with a minimum of a storyline so you can get a little predator lore…
I really like the predator gameplay, i like this game, i don’t want another game, i want to play this one with a single player mode.
This is a predator oriented game but playing against Human is ridiculous for most of the time, the atmosphere fall death under the shoes… its not a matter of win or losing matches… i talk about behavior… no one like to see a sniper elite warrior jumping while shooting for example… i’m ok with the MP but sometimes is cool to play as pred to do things that preds do, maybe a lot of stealth kills, before an honorable match.

i don’t ask to stop play MP, i ask for the add off a single player mode…
i saw the leaks about Lone Wolf mode… but someone know if that mode is till coming?

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Lone Wolf isn’t coming because it isn’t a real mode. It’s like some kind of abandoned expanded tutorial.

If anything, it would work better than current tutorial, just throw in Fireteam Bots and you have a actual Predator Tutorial a year in into the game’s Lifespan.

And no this isn’t me dogging on the game, this is just facts.

Yes, but the leaks show us something like 7 levels… i really don’t understand the needing of 7 levels of tutorials for a game like this… after that we have a lot of unused enviroment and animated stuff…
i believe that can be something like F13th challenges… but anyway i respect your opinion… maybe its only unused stuff.
i still hope for that anyway

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I’m still wondering if that gauntlet mode will even exist…