Any Good Matches Anyone?

Post any good or exceptional matches you’ve had here, I’ll go first.


That was funny, everybody dead. BTW is it just me or there is no sound?

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Yea, I apologize for that. Was in a PSN Party at time of Gameplay and it would have been very distracting.

Oh np, I was just curious if its just me!

I already posted this vid in a different thread but I’ll post it here too.

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This match was back in November I think. Quick play queue and I came across lilmiss94 as pred. Fortunately two other FT members knew what they were doing enough. One of the best matches I’ve ever had.

Didn’t realize you were on the forums. Hell of a match. Great pred play

Skip to 2:12:00
This was with good friends and not for any marbles. I will not see people talking shit about my homies involved in this match on this video.
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Man that was a good game, you guys are so funny, especially the guy doing the commentating at what point, he could work on TV :)

Saved my friend by using him as bait lol