Any other A symmetrical games?

I have played F13, and I also played DBD at launch but quit playing at nurse update. Should I try a new Asymmetrical or go to a completely new game? You can also recommend other games, but Asymmetrical games are my favorite. I play on PS4 so that rules out Last Year, and tell me about upcoming releases for Asymmetrical games.

I still will play this game, but it’s come to the point that every month I get so dried out of this game that I take a two-month break.

Spider-Man : Miles Morales

Sniper Elite 4

They’re asymmetrical as it’s you against everyone but they’re single player

I don’t think there are too many asymmetrical multiplayer games on ps4


Rip servers

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Hide or Die, Last Year the Nightmare, In Silence.

I’ve heard that the game can still be played on PC so it’s not completely dead.

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DBD (stay in low ranks though. Anything higher sher is filled with sweaty potatos or sweaty gods)

I know you said DBD already i’m saying give it a second chance (in lower ranks)

Charlie the Legend, PC release is next summer, console shortly after. It 4v1, 4 human survivors against one demonically possessed killer doll.
It’s a kick starter game so it’s not going to have a huge amount of content but if it sells well then content will be added in the long run. Will have 3 base maps and 5 base survivors, lots of Charlie skins (I think 5 you’re to late for as those are backer skins but there will be some other cool ones).

Normally I’d have more to tell you as asymmetrical games are my thing but to be honest, only Gun Media and the guy behind Charlie are pushing this genre. No one else seems to think they can dethrone Dbd.

Hide or Die, Last Year (both versions), Resident Evil: Resistance are out. The Blackout Club is in it’s end game, but dragging its feet.

Hunt: Showdown is PvPvE and can be fun with the right people but it’s more about being fodder for teams if you’re solo. I think it will hang around always updating consoles after the PC crowd has had their go at it, which I’m not fond of, Halloween event in November because you’re on console is BS.

Not a lot to look forward too, no announcements about any potential asymmetrical games.