Any Plans on Updating the Trophy (Yautja Trophies) System to Add Some Depth?8

Just a quick note off the bat, I don’t think the fireteam should be able to reach the tops of buildings such as on Derailed. Once a squad has set up a position on a rooftop, it is nearly impossible as the Predator to pick them off one by one. Maybe just preventing them from reaching the roof is a good balance change. As well, I don’t think a timer on matches (from the player’s perspective) is necessary. Predators in canon, take their time to stalk and study their prey before engaging and claiming them as trophies. And fireteam missions are already fairly short, which btw I think they should be extended, and with so many little hidden items in maps such as veritanium deposits and O.W.L.F tapes, I think the match could follow the pace of the fireteam’s missions and not fall apart because of that. The game’s duration shortens or lengthens by the direct impact of the fireteam, and the Predator isn’t rushed to victory. Even in situations where fireteam’s decide to hunt and kill the Predator instead of their mission, you could deincentivise that by just granting everything that isn’t completing the main mission (besides the actual action of killing a Predator) far less experience and veritanium. As well, you could patch out any cheap locations so the fireteam can’t cheap their way out into victory. Just something to think about, I guess, anyways.

Okay now onto my main topic.

The Trophy system includes,

  • Equippable trophies in the Exotic and Mythic rarities
  • Short claiming a downed or dead fireteam member, Long claiming a downed or dead fireteam member
  • Short claiming dead non-descript special AI units
  • A bloody skull (once at least one human opponent has been claimed) being equipped on the hip of the Predator exclusively during the remainder of the match
  • A Predator Short claim animation
  • A Predator Long claim animation
  • Several unique fireteam perspective exclusive long claim animations

I was just wondering;

  • Will new equippable trophies be released (secretly/explicitly)?

  • Will there ever be new claiming animations from the Predator’s perspective? Perhaps a small cycle of some that are the same duration but are randomly selected for each claim?

  • Will we ever be able to actually keep the fireteam member skulls for our Predator’s and permanently equip them? Perhaps after x amount of short or long claims we could unlock the clean version of the skull and spine?

  • Will unique AI trophies be given more depth? Such as maybe there’s a camp leader you can take out for a lot of experience, and claiming him grants a unique cosmetic item. Or maybe there’s a unique animal, even, who lives in the nearby Jungle that you can hunt and claim to acquire a unique cosmetic item.

  • Will the skull trophy models ever be updated to be accurate? Meaning, will it ever be updated to be such that, after each claim another skull is added to your Predator’s hip? Like four long claims could be four skull and spines at the Predator’s hip on the back, could even account for just quick claims which are just the skull.

  • Will we ever be able to equip Yautja skulls, say for a Bad Blood Predator build? Or perhaps could we ever see a Bad Blood DLC? Like the Super Predator clan from PREDATORS?

  • Will any specific rewards be given for claiming trophies besides experience points? Not that experience points are inappropriate but claiming a trophy has a gravitas that implies some sort of great significance. Perhaps new incredible cosmetics that can only be unlocked through claiming x amount of short/long claim trophies?

I really enjoy the trophy system as it is right now, it really adds to the immersion and enjoyment, but I am just curious if there are any plans in development to actually deepen it’s signifance or impact on any sort of reward system. If you can’t say anything for any reason, legally, or by your own choice, I’ll understand. Just a big fan who’s curious!

Thank you for the fun game, Illfonic, keep up the great work and, although community feedback I think should always be considered, don’t let a couple loud groups skew your vision! Thanks.

Politely disagree, I like the ability to explore the map. If there are campers on a roof, shoot them through the floor with your Plasma a Caster.

The timer is to add pressure. Other modes might not have one or have a longer one.


You can get a skull and spine trophy from the Field lockers along with the other mythic trophy’s

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Hm good point, although, politely, sitting on a rooftop isn’t exactly what I would define as “exploring” lol. I didn’t realize I could shoot them through the underside of the roof. Still, that isn’t a very fun way to play but I suppose you have a point. Maybe it’s not as big of a problem as it seems to be.

And really? A skull and spine is a mythic trophy in supply drops?

Also yeah I understand the purpose of the timer but I think it’s current implementation is unecessary for the flow and momentum of the game.

Field Lockers the things you buy with Vert, in the main menu.

Yeah I am aware lol, they’re supply drops with a different name.

I don’t know what you mean by supply drop, don’t play whatever that’s from.

Supply drop is a community word, now. If you are at all active or aware of anything gaming you’d know what a supply drop is.

It’s a crate you can buy or earn in game that will open to give you a random selection of items

A loot crate sure, or a Field Locker if we’re talking PHG’s specifically.
A supply drop, implies during a match. We must be parts of different communities. I mostly play asymmetrical horror, never gotten a supply drop in any of them.

A supply drop used to imply mid-match, although that was mainly “care package” from the Call of Duty series, but now, since Fortnite has reached popularity, Halo, CoD, and many other game franchises have adopted this mechanic. The vast community at large, at least as I am aware, calls them “loot crates” or “supply drops.” The two are interchangeable. I could understand your confusion about the term. The explanation of it is arbitrary anyway.

Are you serious?? This had not occured to me before🤔 Interesting… I’m usually too infuriated to focus on strats like that.

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Lol I just never think about it because it’s not something that crosses my mind as feasible.

I still don’t think it’s all that great that they can get up there, but if the splash damage can hurt them tehough the ceiling…