Any ufc/mma fans?

Is there any ufc/mma fans on here ? If so did you watch the event lastnight? Did you have money on it?

I enjoy a good round of fisticuffs

Did ngannou get his revenge?

I will confirm or deny to avoid spoilers πŸ˜πŸ‘‰πŸ»yeah , he flattened stipe in the second and almost the first round aswell . He looked unstoppable and punished him for attempting a takedown . Stipe got sloppy though and hurt Francis but then ran in with his hands down and was put out with a check hook


Did he explode his face like Overeem?

Not as impressive, but even jabs were dropping him . Blasting leg kicks and head kicks. A different fighter to the past

I wonder if Jon Jones is up to the task…

He said after the fight that Lewis can have the next shot 😁 , jon never wanted ngannou , he said years back that if he moved up he would want a smaller heavyweight . Guys like stipe and velasquez were his preferred options so he would still have a size advantage of sorts . I’m not a Francis fan boy or any fighter really , but looking at it from the outside jon would struggle and ngannou has dangerous power , that he might now be more technical with

He’s probably waiting for his PEDs πŸ˜…

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Its a possibility 😁

I rarely follow anymore, but i did watch highlights of main even. I think smaller octogan was not good for stipe. It was harder to keep distance and francis was more intimidating

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