anybody in the uk had any luck gettinf a ps5?

I can’t get one anywhere and I doubt I will get one from select retailers tomorrow when they put some out

Dont they officially release tomorrow?

If you didn’t preorder I wouldn’t count on getting one

Should wait for the ps5 pro

They will continue to make ps5 games on ps4 for at least a year

If you didn’t manage to Pre-Order or somehow grab one when it released, you’ll have to wait till next year, or pay a scalper.

I meant preorder mate, as i had little hope that stock would actually appear today

I almost got one from very but it took that long for the security code to be send to my phone I lost it, but managed to get one on amazon thankfully, its gets delivered tomorrow, not that it matters as it was for a Christmas present

Find your local crackhead, let them know you’re looking for a PS5 and offer them £140 (going rate for a decent eighth). Trust me, you’ll have a PS5 within 24hrs😈

Ha that would work a treat, that’s what I done to get my ps4, they wanted £140 and I just said I have £90 in hand and can pick up immediately since its the weekend 😁

How many will have got one and decide they need the money more and sell it on, scalpers certainly cashed in on the supply drought and panic for them. I see hundreds ordered from amazon UK are being stolen by couriers and replaced with fryers and foot massagers


We don’t live in a corrupt society at all…

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You live in the UK? What in the hell are you doing there? How’s the weed on that side of the planet?

At least some of these scalpers are being robbed lol


Just riding the lock down waves the same as everybody else mate 😁 you get some good and some bad, I used to grow some of my own but don’t touch the stuff now

That’s a plus 😁👍🏻

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