Anybody play Fortnite or Valorant or Deathloop or Rocket Arena?

Is there any reason to play these FPS stylized games? There seems to be an influx this year kind of unnannounced and all favor this highly animated Pixar type style. I’m not sure how that lends to play feel but I imagine that it is a smooth game. By smooth, the feel seems to be right but I’m not sure.
Anyone played any of these?

They’re all bad, all just reskins of the same game. They’re lazy and boring

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Valorant’s style is moreso its easy to optimize. Very smooth in beta on the crappiest laptop last I played. You can run it on a dual core processor as long as its atleast Windows 7 lol. they’re good about maximizing accessibility. Smoother than cs:go imo but its like counter strike with area denial type abilities

Playing Valorant now that it’s launched actually, more fun and easier to pick up than CS or rainbow six or anything similar. Gunplay is nice and matches are like a half hour long.

Whay about Hunt Showdown that game is dope