Anyone able to adjust sound settings in options?

So I can’t adjust any of the sound settings in the game. It just won’t select it in the options menu. Even deleted and redownloaded and can’t change anything, not to mention that the sound glitch is now pretty permanent 9/10 times.
Anyone else in the same boat? As somebody who plays a lot on hearing this is annoying…

Restart u console

Do you like, ghost the forums and hit refresh every ten minutes or so because you’re bored and so desperately want to interact with a new post? Because I do that too.

Did that too! But what the heck, will try again.

Yes and no

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Nope, did not work….

How to solve every problem with PHG:

Delete game and DONT redownload it


We need a rematch. Seriously.

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I have just installed the game from years away. Holy crap that audio is bad, I have just seen about turning 3d audio off of Ps5 and that should fix audio. I won’t try it now until tomorrow but let me know if you try and it works. As for audio settings in game that’s not working at all.

It’s all turned off. That used to work but not anymore

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I have the same problem with the game sound settings, both on ps5 and pc. I can’t change anything.

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Well at least I am not alone in this!
Let’s hope it gets fixed.

Same here.

My brother and I both have experienced this bug since the new update. We’re both on ps4 pros.

Restarting the system, re-downloading the game, and defaulting the settings have not worked.

Please fix so we can adjust our audio settings 🙏

All the same but in PS5

Got this issue too.

Ps4 same problem.Cannot adjust audio on any of the screens.

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