Anyone else getting a ridiculous amount of AI enemies?

Recently I’ve noticed the AI is extra annoying. Theyre spawning in faster and at higher numbers, literally chasing you across the map without stopping.

Considering their unreasonable health bars and skulls that deflect bullets, this gets to be a little ridiculous when you’re trying to do a mission and the predator shows up.

Sup wit dat? Lower their health or make headshots actually do something if this is intentional. Sick of emptying a dozen rounds into someone’s head for their helmet to fall off and they just kinda do that confused look around animation.

But seriously, why are there suddenly more AI enemies that are even more aggressive than before?

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I think its perfectly fine.


A.I. be like I’m comin to clap some FT cheeks who said we were too easy before


It’s really inconsistent imo, which i don’t mind much but they can get really annoying when they shoot at you and make you miss shots on FT/Preds, i usually kill some as Pred when FT is overwhelmed after a huge wave spawned.

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Same, there’s a mutual understanding in wiping out the ai.

Was it on Excavation? A lot of the missions on Excavation have higher amounts of A.I.

(Maybe to amount for the importance of the numerous Predator themed Missions there?)

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Yeah it does get annoying you would think that shoving 1 shotgun point blank in the chest would kill them…but no…no it dont… then they for some reason have more of a priority to shoot you then the alien.
A.i. oh god intruders take them down.
2 mins later
giant alien comes down.
Ai: I’m just going to ignore that.

The one few times I got the ai to work, is when I was by myself all teammates dead, so I ran all across the camos activated all alarms and summons around 20 ai to shoot down the predator when he finally caught up. Lol


I was saved once by the AI from a long claim then I did a self revive BUT THEN THE AI decided to change their mind at shooting/chasing the Predator and started attacking me and in a matter of seconds I went down again…
Last time I played Scout that day.

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Its been just about every map. Like… there’s just more of them and they spawn faster so as soon as you take out a group, theres another surrounding and unloading into you and it just seems relentless and annoying. It’d be one thing if headshots did anything but it’s just a bullet sponge parade every mission.

Lol wish I thought of that, good use of bad ai

Don’t forget they always come after FT even though the Pred is melee them to death lol and can find a Predator cloaked lol


The AI hp is fine for me. The fact that they spawn everywere even in front/behind you that annoys me…
The even start shooting at you 1 sec before they spawn, that’s just crazy.


The HP is fine, until there’s a dozen of them coming from all directions. I was even fine with the damage increase. I just feel like their quantity has been upped at some point within the last month or so, and its reeeeeaally annoying dealing with them now to the point where I’m spending more time fighting off AI than the Predator…

…who of course uses AI to their advantage.

That’s why my strategy is killing all the AI that i can before the Pred comes. Deal with them now so i don’t have to deal wirh them later. And destroy all alarms also is a good help.

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Yeah, and a lot of the tough ones. I wouldn’t mind just a couple less.

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i think it was on purpose, i like it i mean before the ai were nothing now they can cause trouble unchecked

And it’s not like we can hide from them either because they literally know your location.


dead ai cant follow you

The AI in this game is literally the droid Army from Star wars.

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