Anyone have a review of Necromunda: hired gun?

I’m interested but I’d like an actual players perspective. It looks fun, but looks can be deceiving.

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I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun but janky. People’s opinion seem to be its worth getting after some fixes happen.


Same here. It’s not a full $60 I think, so I may grab it. Ghost Recon breakpoint was the same, but it got real good. Maybe this one will too. Maybe a rent first.

It’s set in the warhammer 40k universe, if you like warhammer and Luke the fast past action of doom eternal grab it.

I know next to nothing about Warhammer. It looks neat.

So I got it and played it for a couple hours. It’s fun. Movement is great, combat feels good and it runs relatively smoothly. There is some clunkiness with takedown animations and slight stuttering in certain spots.

Overall I had a blast and I would have played it all day if I didn’t have to drive 4+ hours to a wedding.

That had better have been one hell of a wedding! There had better have been some good, available bridesmaids or groomsmen for you!