Anyone have more Pred-Bucks than me?

I’m about 55% of that.

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When they played last the player “Goddess” had about 1 million.

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Goddess has over a million? Last time i played with her she had close to 500k.

Hmm, I had an image from them about a month ago at 800k. If yours is more recent then they spent it.

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Nah, you got me beat.
I’m only sitting at just under 400k. I’m not 150 yet though either, so you’ve sunk more hours in for sure :)

@ColonelJack71 had like 1mil so yes someone has more lmao

I stopped caring about the daily objectives after i got about 350k. I’m not wasting it on those loot boxes tho. Hopefully they add something we can spend this money on tomorrow.

At one point yes

You guys have some will power

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I could spend it all, but whats the point in opening boxes of disappointments…

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Damn…here I was think my lil 160k was a lot

To get trophies that not many people have. I only started to buy boxes and have 2 skulls.

I have about 250k and am holding off until this new update to see what they add.

I spend my money as soon as I get it and now I have a shiny Wolf skull. It’s only a matter of time before I unlock the Xeno skull.


After aboout 800 lockers I’m down to 840k


Bro how did you get that much tho 😂

I like to keep around 150k just in case some goodies drops, the rest I go for the boxes.

dang dude! that’s impressive!

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