Anyone play other games?

What games do you guys play? I play Red Dead Online, COD WW2, Skyrim, Assassins Creed, and I just bought Fallout 76.

I play Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Jedi Fallen Order at the moment. Really enjoying playing them.

Currently playing Uncharted 4, Red dead online, PHG, AC Rogue, Doom Eternal, MK 11 and revisiting Indiana Jones and the emperors tomb on Xbox one. I have yet to crack open AC origins, odyssey, and Valhalla. I dabble in SW Battlefront 2 also.

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Almost exclusively dota 2 lately

I’ve mostly been playing No Man’s Sky and Little Nightmares 2 and been exploiting the lootboxes on PHG.

I have yet to crack open AC origins, odyssey, and Valhalla.


What’s a chad?


Better yet, to WHICH Chad are you referring?

Battlefield V, Dead by Daylight, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2, UFC 4, The Evil Within 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Star Wars Battlefront II, Call of Duty Cold War

These are the games I currently have installed

The next single player game I’m going to get after I finish The Evil Within 2 is Hitman III

Darkest dungeon and Mass affect andromeda at the moment

Looking at hoods and the mass affect remaster later in may


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Mostly Battlefront 2, command & Conquer Remastered, Hotshot Racing, and Quake Champions

Sonic Mania, Xcom 2, Battlefield 1, Dying Light, Alien Isolation (very stressful), Friday the 13, and sometimes with my friends For Honor, Deathwing, and bro force.
I just bought God of War 4, Mad max, The technomancer, and some other games that were on sale on playstation store. Platinum Jedi fall in order that was a fun game but I think the story was kinda meh and there could have been more combat. I felt I was always busy jumping around than actually fighting

FFXIV mainly rn, and anything I left in my backlog.

And cant forget Smash.

Valley, Bulletstorm, Degrees of Separation and Apex Legends.