Anyone play warframe? (Lazy's mag prime)

My Mag Prime

I run Rubico Prime, Sepulcrum, and Stropha as well as zenurik tree. I also have a Vasca Kavat as a companion

Your mag prime ain’t nothing compared to my Octavia.

On a side note wf and destiny suck now and need to die.

prove it bitch

Neeeeh I dun wanna load up wf. I’m eating and watching Netflix.

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bet u have the octavia diva skin because thats the only remotely decent looking skin for her

Uh I think?
Fk I dont remember the name but I love how she looks.

She’s kewl.

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sounds like some basic bitch fashion framing logic

I had to wombo combo 2 skins, prime details, a jetpack syndana, and an armor set to make my mag prime look this smexy

tbh though I like octavias looks too but I just dont enjoy playing her even with custom music

Wah I’m trying too hard with my frame cause I’m a dumb ass hur hurrrr.

That’s you.

My Octavia is beautiful.

I have her play sandstorm xD.

haha nice. I have her either play derezzed daft punk, or one of the themes from that league skin of the healer. Forgot the names.

Ew league. Blah.


Honestly I’d hop on an do an hour survival with you if wf had cross play.

Too bad it doesnt. You guys are an update behind pc arent you?

Fk idk lmao.
I barely play wf and will never play destiny again.
I literally do want both to die. They suck.

So much potential ruined by their devs wanting to simulate content with farming.

Makes me anger.
Much anger.

I feel you there. But warframe always keeps me coming back. Fashionframe is all the content I need. Plus I dont even worry about farming anymore. I just play and do whatever really and chill with my steam controller

I’m more pissed off at destiny.

They’re level locking all the old gear, and the stupid ass champion system with adding more levels eith each nee season just to force more farming pisses me the hell off.

I hate farming.
Like mindless farming.

And it sucks.
Cause I fucking loved both of those games.
It’s 2 of the games I mentioned when I said games I loved have gone to shit.

More destiny.
And seeing what its become.
I just want it to die.

I are sad fire.

I never played destiny but watching bungie fall so far makes me sad in its own right.

As for warframe. Meh

Lol I started playing destiny back in like 2012.
I go waaaay back with it lol.

Destiny not wf. Idk why the fk I put wf.

I started playing wf back in like 2016.

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I started playing wf so long ago that when I first played loki was a starter frame.

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Ash prime or gtfo.

My magpie. His name is Wentworth.