Apparently you can fall out of bounds...

In the public match I played there were 2 disconnects. I died then went to spectate one of the bots. The bot was twitching and fell through the floor. Seeing how funny it was I went to take control and replace the bot. This resulted in me falling for the rest of the match till the timer rans out. At some point my game froze but the timer was still moving. I couldn’t move or turn and the option button wasn’t working so I can’t quit out from in game. The game ended once the timer ran out.


Illfonic will only listen when their business is in danger. It’s a westerner thing.

Git gud

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Seconded. Too many advantages and yet they lost. What a firepussy

Yeah fireteam can be quite strong sometimes. But in this particular public lobby I recall my PC teammate having a knife for their primary and no field syrette plus another PS player who was gearless. I knew I was gonna get bodied by the predator when I saw it was a PC player I know in the lobby. He uses cleopatra with stalker.

PHG PC is a mistake