Archers have no balls

Illfonic still hasn’t nerfed the damn bow, I remember it was cancer. No talent he who plays with the bow on his branch, no balls

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Bow takes more skill than pistol.


skill issue, have you tried hitting the predator with bullets ?

Also bow appreciation thread now


You don’t kill in the back by hiding on your branch, I say bravo, you having balls

What’s your ideal way a predator should kill fireteam then


I don’t know, but I don’t really like this way

Sounds like a personal problem.


The arrow leaves a trail, you can spot where pred is after 1 shot and shoot there

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thats called no life

The bow is completely fine where it is. If you’re being accurately shot by it, you should probably commend the pred player you’re facing. Besides, it’s ridiculously easy to track bow preds. Even if they move after letting one fly, most seasoned FT players know what to look for, and will instantly spot you and/predict where you’re going. The bow doesn’t need a nerf, you just need to learn how to counter it. I would recommend watching combat training videos off Garand Thumb

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What are your tactics when you say as pred?

I’d rather be harassed and killed by a Berserker or a Viking with an ax in close combat than a killer with a hidden bow

As a FT main i have no issue with the bow. As it is a weapon for Predator that actually require some skills.

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In the film, there is no arc. The predator likes to fight, he likes to have tough opponents to fight. I never quit the game for a bow, I always say yes to combat even if I don’t like it.

The rare times I played as Predator I also took the bow since it’s meta and I admit it but fighting against a bow makes me angry.

No. The Predator likes to hunt.

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Far from it. Meta is Disc hands down.


If you occupy banlance, when you see the squad running backwards and shooting at the same time, it is simply poorly balanced and people find it very difficult to play with errors from games that have not been corrected, that is why it gives an advantage, so people use it to have advantage. The same thing happens with the squad command, broken weapon, weapon they use. But as a matter of mechanics, the predator is more broken because it has many errors in its movements that it abuses to attack and move when in fact it could not do so that way.

moving that way while you have a bow it is impossible to hit the target as expected, people abuse character movement to be unpredictable,

So the Plasma Pistol got nerfed and now you also want to nerf the Bow which wasn’t even as strong as the Plasma Pistol used to be anyway?

The Predator only has 4 viable selectable weapons to use at a high level against premades and 1 of them just got nerfed so it’s effectively only 3 decent weapons now, being the Combistick, Smart Disc & Yautja Bow.

Predators are quite literally forced to adopt a ranged hunting style if they want to win at a high level due to the ridiculous lack of balancing in this game. The Fireteam didn’t get their main Meta weapons nerfed in the last patch so why should the Predator be nerfed again even further into the ground?

The Bow quite literally takes more effort and skill to use than any of the Fireteam’s hitscan weapons, especially from afar when predicting movement trajectories and lining up a shot. It also takes much better accuracy and reflexes when attacking in medium or close range engagements with the Bow. Most of the Fireteam weapons you can legitimately just spray bullets from hipfire and land most of your shots, especially with the likes of the Hammerhead, Mercenary rifle, 1011-12 Pistol and the SAWZ-50 is also ridiculously accurate at hip firing at any distance. Heck, if you’re playing Assault or Dutch 2025, and you stack up double Action Hero it’s harder to miss than it is to hit shots from hip fire.

In 99% of cases, people only complain about Predators using the Bow because they can’t counter their playstyle, or in other words, their aim isn’t as good as the Predator player. I don’t like to be that guy who uses terms like this, but it is quite literally a skill issue.

If a Predator fires at you, figure out where he is firing from and just shoot him back with bullets.