Are 4K monitors worth it for gaming?

I have a monitor and usually I play games but I don’t like to play on it. So looking for the 4k monitor.
Should I take it?

It depends on which platform.
But, more important than resolution is the fps.


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I use a 50" TV screen for my games…

IMO a computer monitor? Probably not
A TV? Maybe, but not necessarily for gaming

A computer monitor usually sits at a very close distance from the eyes. Depending on the size , 4K can be too much for such a distance and some people claim it even looks worse than a 1440P

On the other side a TV sits usually several fit away from the eyes, and again, depending on that distance and the screen size, you might not even be able to tell de difference between 720, 1080 or 4K. Human eyesight has a limit of pixels it can see given a certain distance/size ratio

There are online calculators that can guide you in this. They can tell what screen size you need in order to see all the 4K pixels for the distance you will be seating from the screen

Apples retina displays are actually based on this. The same way the CD Audio standard was capped at 44KHz. Human eyes and ears have a limit.

Anf like Moralez said, fps are more important for action games where motion smoothness is preferred

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Apple aint worth a shit!
you can get what you need for WAY less than what those cuntz want…

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Tip for colourblind people, I’ve found it easier to tell them apart by texture.

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It is not about 720p, 1080p, or 4K. Someone has mentioned the difference and it was clearly showing. And also my some friends and relative has suggested. But still, I am thinking: should I purchase a monitor or should I go for a laptop? So, my mind is stuck between these. I have also searched many laptops, which are working very well, and the market value is also great. Also, the graphics are at the highest level.

I have a friend that says (with the right monitor) the difference is like night and day when gaming

Build your own rig. Far cheaper than buying a gaming pc pre-assembled, and DEFINITELY cheaper than buying a laptop that doesn’t run like absolute ass. You can usually pick up a good-quality case and sometimes even a PSU from your local dump… the shit people throw out is insane, I found an old gutted Mesh pc case with the 1000 power supply still inside. Saved me about £100 on a new one. Building your own also means all the components can be removed/replaced when they’re obsolete or damaged, prolly the only downside to building a pc yourself is no warranty.

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