arkham series discussion

they’re nice games

let’s talk about them


Arkham knight is underated


for me the tank combat ruined several parts

why tf do they make you fight deathstroke in a tank

there’s no reason to have so many tank parts

and batmobile sections are always annoying and tedious

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Ya I agree. I said it was underrated not flawless :p

But the improvements to the predator sections (at least I told they were Improvements) were amazing

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arkham origins is my favorite

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Arkham City is my favorite

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Two of who?

I enjoyed it very much. It wasn’t as groundbreaking an experience as the first one, but awesome nonetheless.

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Great games that are totally ruined thematically by milking the Joker.

I remember how stoked I was when Knight dropped. Just got the PS4, bought the season pass, innit to winnit… and my God, after 3 games of Joker, here he is, fucking dead, gone, about to be ashes.

20mins later, surprise, Joker is not only another central plot point from beyond the grave but a fucking figment of your imagination so you see him everywhere. Every 5 minutes. More Joker.

Like holy shit, this is Batman we’re talking about. The guy carries the entirety of DC comics on his back with not some, most, of the greatest villains in comic book history. He is the single greatest superhero of all time and ya gonna stay focused on the fuckin Joker like it’s the only thematic narrative to Batmans dichotomy. Batmobile be damned, Joker ruins Arkhman Knight. Don’t tell me you didn’t get a chubby driving the 89 batmobile around.

Regardless, theyre all great in their own ways. Asylum is probably the greatest Batman as a detective game to date. City expanded on that and refined the gameplay. Origins narrowed everything down to focus on giving the series a foundation. Knight cranked everything possible up to 11 and ended the story in the best way possible.

I will say though that Knight could have been 100% better if they just went with Red Hood off the bat. Everyone knew it was Jason within the first hour of playing. Why not just give us Red Hood in his prime and not pretend we don’t fucking know who it is already?

…all that being said… pretty stoked for Gotham Knights but also very reluctant because it doesn’t look like anything special other than a game with the bat family without Batman.


The tank and batmobile was only in the last game, im sure if those game mechanics had three or so more games under its belt it would’ve been as good as the rest of the game.

I liked the multiplayer mode on Origins. Sue me.

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While they are all enjoyable for a single play through replay value is very low especially if you are a trophy hunter like my self!

Other than that Gripe they are awesome games!

I feel other super hero would be hard to make a game around.

Like Superman how do you make a superman game? He is the strongest hero with fee weakness so how? Maybe make it so you can only have 10% collateral damage and maybe 1 civilian death per mission or something


Bruh I’m on my eight playthrough what are you talking about

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Why? It never changes it’s always the same!

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A. Blade takedowns are really satisfying. Especially against brutes

B. The game feels good

C. Though overused the tank combat is objectivly well made having the same aspect of the soul’s series where damage is your fault.

D. Predator sections were made by god and the enemy variety is amazing

E. The game does a good job of shuffling the combat together so you don’t get over saturated with a specific game style (melee, Predator, and tank, though tank does fail in this regard a bit) so gameplay is usually fresh. Adding the unique challenges on top of this that play differently like the bank Predator sections adds even better gameplay variety.

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