armor and skin locked behind individual loadouts

armor and skin for the predator are locked behind individual loadouts. an example would be if I had all 12 loadouts set as the Hunter class and I bought an armor or skin and one of those loadouts, it would still be locked behind the other 11 loadouts. basically asking me to purchase 25,000 veritanium armor and skin 11 different times.

I’m starting to suspect it’s similar with unlocking skin and armor through the field lockers. For a LONG time now, I’ve been getting duplicates with no veritanium compensation. this could be because the game is unlocking the armor and skins throughout the entire 12 different loadouts. which I would assume is all kinds of broken

This can’t be.
Normally a color needs to be unlocked for one class and even if you put a Valkyrie for example you can use the unlocks from the other loadout.

of course, a couple matches after I posted this the game decided to fix itself. smh.

issues with the fieldlockers still stands though.

Don’t know about the field locker issue though. I get my Veritanium from the lockers.