Armor Shaders

You’ve heard it a thousand times and you’re gonna hear it again.

Don’t leave this game without adding basic color shaders.

Vibrant green, blue, purple. AND red (you’ve got a dull and vibrant red shade for biomask but not armor).

Flat colors like a black and white.

More dual-tone shaders like blue/red, green/purple, yellow/red, teal/purple, black/red, black/ blue… cmon guys just fuck around after a few blunts or a glass of merlot, whatever you get down on, just add this basic shit in if there’s no new modes or anything.


Color Wheel. Remove all base color shaders give use the the mighty color wheel and hue bars.

Have the special armors the same with the ability to change the background color.

Make warpaints decals and give us the ability to ad layers to the mask so we can make the warpaints different from player to players!!


Critical Agreement.


Maybe if you guys stopped trolling by asking for things like armor shaders they’d have the time to do so but no.


I’m also surprised there aren’t basic colors for an option. I hate the pattern wallpaper looking armor and the problem is that 95% of the color options are those shit+y patterns.

I just want basic colors…

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