Armor/skin Design Ideas

@Courier @OldKingHamlet @Kassinaillia so we know you listened and gave us the melon armor and skin, is there a way you can design armor with the design or pattern of fire? The only thing close enough is Warlord, but that just looks like mustard stains on red armor, I personally think it would look cool, or maybe even give us to invert the colors on armor or skin, so for example, look at the one Gator skin (it’s orange, don’t remember the name) so imagine the orange where the black is, and the black where the orange was, little bit of brain food for you


They still haven’t given us a melon FT shader, the community weeps for this travesty.


A complete black armor would be cool.


Viking+talus alpha helmet shader+venom skin shader= venom Pred

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