As heartbreaking as it sounds... im off

Well eh its been a fun ride really i must say… from many fights to making friends and to making enemies… all of that i consider as fun and new experience.

Ehhh well you probably clicked this to find out what i am about to say, anyways do take a bit of the time to read it as i think i will probs try to shorten it as much as i can lol.

Well for you all new people i am one of the veteran player since day one of the beta upto like now i guess… and i have been carefully watching the game progression and forums too, to the point where i think the best thing for me should be to not get my hopes up too high or at all high for the game cause it ends up hurting me deeply even if it may sound funny to you all lol… its not…

I am here to say goodbye until the game decides to choose the path of becoming an Open world exploration and trophy hunting WHICH to me sounds practically impossible for the devs to implement to such a game with such details in terrains…

I Will be browsing trough the forums each month upto a year from now, if i see no progress in that way i must say goodbye permanently to you all that know me and stuff… even if you dont know me this may sound stupid topic to make but oh well i was bored while typing this lmao…

Uhhh… Few last things… i would also like to mention some people in this post too just so they are aware of my request i guess which probably many hoped for to be added in game since full release.

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Well… this is it… final goodbye peeps… Cya i hopes soon in life… i hope its within that year or else i should just move on with life lol…


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Once again a must endure this road while others are left behind

Damn m8, hope you show up here from time to time, I really enjoyed our conversations.


I don’t hold out much hope for this game. It’s so broken six months later. And massively lacking in content.


Peace. But open world Predator game? That’s not happening anytime soon. Did you play concrete jungle? Some parts had an open world feel.


I miss that game

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Sorry to see you go Coffee, we had some fun.


Bruh I haven’t touched the game since the update…back to square one, bored

Been playing payday 2 and hotline Miami to enjoy my time now



See ya.
Hopefully you find a good game lol.


Ill give marvel avengers a try, then conan exiles and then cyberpunk 2077…

OH WELL… it just sucks… its not only that it lacks open world in predator… it lacks like better server region lock, optimizations…

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I don’t really see how well a open world predator would work. It would have to be an avp game but with a lot of different species to hunt.

And an option to play xenomorphs as well.
Maybe throw in a few other franchises.



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Until next time man


You were one of the real ones man. You take care


Fair well old friend 💯
Ion play anymore but I lurk the forums lmao


Good bye man, it’s a pity to read that kind of post by every experienced players. I read those posts there in the forum and in the discord channels. Unfortunatly it’s their plan, make the game as worse as possible after selling their paid dlc , the sooner they shut down the servers, the more they save money. They dont comunicate with us, they don’t give us informations, the “announcements” section is completely useless. They come to the forum once in while and answer to stupid topics and not to the serious ones. I hope you will find a good game to play Coffe (basically every one but not this) and have an enjoyable experience 💪🏻.


I hope that one day this game will get out of this hopeless pit and become the game we all wanted. I also hope illfonic just continue to work hard on this game, no matter how few people are playing.

Peace out Coffee 👋