Atout Harrigan

Hello everyone so I have tried to make the film trump card for Harrigan quick defusing there will already be an activate symbol for him when defusing and more AI damage compared to the beginning of the film as well like knife it would have a disc the one that flies to the predator. Well, since he’s a police officer, that’s good. And Dutch 2025 it would have been better to damage him Yautja and the other for the mud as he has already had a good day ( Google translate )

Wtf did I just read?

Google translate sorry

No problemo Dude lol.

Google translate struggles when everything is in a single paragraph.

Try breaking your comment into singular sentences like this.

Also, include the original comment in your native language so that another forum member can translate it using better software.


No problem

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I get what your saying, Harrigan can quick defuse and has shorter interaction w mission objectives. Herrigan will also give more damage to AI forces .Hopefully he has his smart disc from the movie with him. like Durch has the blades. the last sentence I cant make out. --ambein translation

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