Audio bug needs a fix

I know I’m beating a dead horse here but come on this shit keeps getting worse. Nearly every one of the matches I do have it now. Whether I have a headset on or not it’ll still happen, the very second I load in to a match it happens and stays the whole match until I go into the after action report then it goes right back to normal. This has been happening ever since excavation came out and there has been no fix to this.

@OldKingHamlet, @Courier

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Obviously git gud

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Had three games and it happened all three matches back to back. I spend the first two to three minutes of the match trying to find them but kind of hard to track the shooting or hear for footsteps when any sound that does come through sounds like it’s right next to you. I blame you, ever since you took a break all the bugs I do get have evolved.

I played some tonight to test a new controller 🤷‍♀️
All that happened was my smart disk left the map and I couldn’t throw the other two

Also had a lot of matches with the soundbug today, but when the timer went under 10min left in the game the sound always went normal again.

I had that one yesterday. I threw one disc, it got stuck in the wall and I couldnt “aim” at all in order to throw the other one.

I swapped to caster, aimed and shot plasma shot, switched back to disc and aiming and throwing worked again.

Try this “fix” next time.

What this has to do with the audio bug?

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