Audio decoy idea

I think it would be greay changing sound of the sounds the decoy uses ie pred stopping around and also when a decoy is used, the sounds the pred would make are transfered through the decoy instead of the pred.

I think this would aid with tricking any player in this game amd also add a small amount of safely to a healing pred.


Yes. And make decoys stuck to the surface


I didnt think of that but hell yeah, most of the exp players can tell the difference and are nearly useless for a disc scout!

They wont do it. We’ve already been begging for a year to give audio decoys and motion detectors modifiers.(I’ve made a thread about it too and i still recommend the motion detectors modifiers)
To make wrist launcher faster or deal more damage. But nothing yet

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I know, its wishful thinking. If they actually listened to the player, this could be an amazing game 😔

How about audio decoy where the sounds of FT are colluded only from the preds perspective…because its sometimes hard to distinguish real from fake even for the predator.

changing sounds would be awesome, id love the ability to pick the sound and make it go off too lure FT into a pig spawn and ambush them

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Fire he did the thing you hate