Auto claim

So this bug is back. Awesome. Don’t know why I re-downloaded this pile of trash.

Fuck you very much.


Get good

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You got me there.

Seriously though it’s infuriating. In one round I got second winded because of the auto R2 bug. Then before it came back a minute later got killed due to auto claim.

It’s fucking horrible

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Gotta stop calling things by keyboard/game pad button and instead input game reads

Fair enough. So auto light attack and auto claim/eat pig.

Default ps controls are R2 and square.

There. Now they’ll definitely fix it 😐

Skill issue

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Not light attack, key is ‘fire’ and the other ‘interact’

A standardized input identification system will be good for this, don’t want to be going into year 3 and be saying I push button not work

I’m actually aware of this that people don’t read from input name already, you happen just to make a great example I plan to use in the future

If I said control + left click you wouldn’t know what I was talking about but I had just said what triggers auto fire and you wouldn’t know unless I told you