Auto wristblades

This has been an ongoing bug. Please fix it.


This i one of the oldest Bugs,it exists since the start of the game and reported many times to Illfonic.

Dont expect that they will hotfix it this year…

But now we have a mod nobody asked 4 and a new jugle map like all the others…

It mostly happens when you use the bow.


Kept happening to me with shoulder caster earlier too.


Yea it’s been with the bow and caster for me. Mostly bow. It didn’t happen for a while but it’s been happening again since the new update. It’s probably the only major bug that needs to be fixed. They took care of the rest of the big bugs.

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with me it happens with the bow and disc have it a lot sometimes…when i press left trigger to aim it do wristblade attack while its mapped on the right trigger

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Yea seems like the bow is always involved with everyone who is experiencing this.

Seriously why can this not get fixed and why is it still existing? Multiple times in a match I will get revealed simply by trying to fire the bow. Gets old, fast.


I feel the frustration. Hopefully it’s on their radar. @OldKingHamlet

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And when I played on Sunday doing the Samurai Challenge I was plagued by the wristblade bug, the video of it happening is in the Samurai Sunday Challenge topic (first of the four games I posted on 18th).

It happened to me with the disc also. Instead of throwing it, it just did a melee attack.