Avp 2 multiplayer party

Anyone interested in playing avp2 online? Pvp.

I seen the SG-1 servers are still up.

Ajl mod is being played too


Fuck. Yes.

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I’ll let you know when I get set up. Kinda skeptical about doing it or not.

I recall having to fresh install windows because newer OS (after xp/vista) seems to bug out running avp2.

Could be because I always eventually install mods.

Recurring issue since windows 7 ultimate 64 🥲

I ran it in windows 10 no issue

I’m on 11. I had it running on 10 for a while then had to reinstall win 10 could have been the AV I was running at that time.

lmk when

I need to reinstall AJL

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I played this when it came out. Fun game.

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