AVP “Head Hunter” Nomad Build (Multiverse of Nomads)

((Welcome Welcome Everyone! Today we are doing a special kind of series (giving time for the AVP Nomad Mod video to be made), for this is something I love thinking about…The Multiverse. What If questions that ponder my mind especially when it comes to Predator/Yautja Characters! So why not have a What If scenario with the Nomad Predator…what if questions turned into builds with written lore. Anyways I hope you enjoy^^))

The Nomad Head Hunter / AVP Nomad Variant:
In the vast universes that the Multiverse holds, I dare to wonder…what if……what if Nomad was in the Alien Vs. Predator (AVP) Universe. Where Nomad has been inducted into the Isolated Clan due to his skills in tracking, studying, and killing Xenomorphs (Serpents). Due to the harsh training and the urge to fight created a different Nomad in form and mindset, becoming almost like every other Yautja but with the nack of tinkering with technology and to fight all deadly forms of Xenomorphs. Nomad had to upgrade his gear to real armor but still was humbled by almost losing his eye, his mask half broken from surviving a weak Xenomorph bite. While Nomad hunted Xenomorphs for his clan, he was also a Assassin of sorts.

Nomad would often be contracted to take down important figures from those who are of the Super Predator Bad Blood regime. Ultimate Nomad would earn the rank “Head Hunter” collecting the skulls of the most dangerous foes that threatened the way of life for Yautja Prime, believing that the souls were trapped in the skulls he collected and their power was now his to bend to his bidding…


It’s great to see that there are people still trying to get content out of the crap game, gg bro.

Thanks I guess😅
But yeah I’m just enjoying what I can do for the game and fandom