AvPR Audio on Overgrowth map!

No predalien sounds here, my friend. You may have misheard. Perhaps you heard the distorted sounds of the drone strike hitting the weapons cache while in thermal?

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Yup, in pak file there is Wolf roar from AVPR. Also, you can hear it in one of the game trailers. Some times, when you kill AI, they bleed acid - this is obviously a bug, however the acid blood is in game. They have asstes to start doing this AVP… problem is, they might not be able to expand on Predator, never mind AVP with this law suit going on.

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<-< what

I’ve noticed all of this and it’s quite interesting.

As for the lawsuit
The moment PHG adds anything Xeno related this game would fall under the AVP license, and it wouldn’t have to worry about the Predator license lawsuit.


1:27 you CAN hear Wolf’s roar, but that was obviously not from the gameplay. It’s pretty obvious it was edited in by Illfonic.


Really hard to say, I don’t want to get to happy befroe 27th of May - I think we will get some more clarity by then. And by “we” I mean us players/fans and @Illfonic alike.

May 27th???

I think its a court date

I haven’t really been keeping track with the lawsuit

Hey @Noktrum is Scar’s roar in the files because @Derangedxeno_02 and @TheSenate a few weeks ago heard what sounded like his roar during a match.

Scar’s roar was just heard in game

It’s very faint

Thank you! I’m glad I’m not the only one! That was me who heard and a lot of people were skeptical of the sound

0:15 you need headphones. Soundwhore headset op

I knooooow I’m sorryyyyyyy lmao

Don’t the river ghosts make similar noises as a Xenomorph?

Maybe the river ghost will be a new AI unit we find in the jungle? 🤔

That would be cool

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Not that I know of. Just Wolf. Scar plasma caster was in the pak at one point.

Just checking to see if you’d seen/heard anything

Not really. Actually, it would be nice for someone else who was looking in the pak file before - Is it just me or some stuff that used to be in it is now gone?

Maybe @PAS-Spin , @TheETgamer , or @SkooLBoY_SkePtiK might be able to help answer your question.

I think they may have removed some stuff, probably to limit the “leaking.”