Backwater camper

Are people seeing people camp under the docks again previous patches added boards over the spot you get in but I seen it twice where people found a way back under there today. Anyone found out how they are doing this so we can shoot them if they try to zip in there like before


Yeah I’ve seen it happen again. Wtf were Illfonic even fixing? It’s pathetic.

Yeah a Dante Field Medic tried to hide under there from me a week or so ago. You just have to keep shooting charged Plasma shots man. Try and keep track of where they move in there too because I did that and I ended up sliding under the glitch spot myself and killing the guy with the Hand Held Plasma Caster because he’d slid near where the entrance for the glitch spot is. He instantly rage quitted as soon as he went down🤣🤣


There are two spots now, under those docks and under the little tiny deck at the bottom of the staircase at that tiny hut in the middle of the map


You just gotta plasma spam the hell out of them, try for different angles to get the most splash damage. Its ridiculous, especially if its a Dante or Support with medbags, but you just have to stay on them. Remember, they’ll eventually run out of heals, you won’t. The only issue is the timer.


I don’t get why people do this, and I don’t get why people stay in a match with people that do this. I just leave. Is a waste of my time and if they need to that against me, I have nothing else to prove. I won.


You quitting out is the goal of these people. They WANT you to get so frustrated that you leave. By staying and spamming the hell out of them, and eventually downing them, it pisses them off because they didn’t expect such a relentless assault to succeed.

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Under that tiny hut in the middle is where I first encountered the famous Fantasma_Jungla hiding from me.

I slammed him to death through the floor while he wished nothing but misery upon my children 😁

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wow… it makes me feel so bad that I gave in to their shitty cravings… (NOT)

It’s no different than when a pred comes with scout disciplined and stays hidden the whole match.

Usually if by 2 minutes the pred has not engaged or we have not found it, we leave. Is boring to stay

That’s…kind of a different scenario. If the Pred stays hidden and does nothing, then yeah, that’s one thing. But you actually know where this dude is, you can actively engage him, even if he’s in this exploited position.

is still boring

The timer reaching 0 means the predator wins. Don’t see how is that an issue.
A real issue is the cave in that one map, going in there against a competent team with those radar things is death and they can complete objectives in there. I never understood how the people that designed that map had the idea that is far and balanced when the cave eliminates all the advantages the predator has and shooting from up top is not a working solution, you get lots of dead spots and you can’t apply pressure.


Maybe its just me, but my goal is to waste this guy. I understand if the timer expires I auto-win, but for me, that’s a personal loss because I wanted the little shit dead.

And yeah, the cave on excavation is a death trap, even with mid-tier teams. There’s not a lot of room for the Pred to exploit, and since the FT is always so close, their fire is usually always concentrated. I’ve won my fair share of rough fights in there though, but its hard. You need to be damn good with your shots and your hit and run.

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You would be surprised by the amount of ft players that call it a Win for them If they dont die


Oh no, not again…

Ok so they are able slide into the area they had before where before ilfonic placed boards there I just wanna find it so I know where it is to blast them if they try?

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Oh yah i forgot a out that one they put a board there too before but that is weird if they can get through the board.

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It’s odd

Yah I have yet to find a forum where people are talking about it. So I can prevent it as the predator

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Yeah there was a lot of spots like that on Backwater but the main one is the one in the fishing village and the one we are all referring to here. If you need me to be more specific then just say