Bad Bloods' Wishlist 2024 Edition

Make armor for the predator actually deflect damage until it is destroyed

Add more weapons and equipment for the predator

Make jumping in rapid succession drain predator stamina more quickly

Add special STGZ units that are equipped with predator tech during predator body recovery

Battle Royale mode set on predator game preserve planet where after a set time of standard battle Royale, the top 3 scorers can choose to be a predator. Scattered across the map would be weapons of fallen prey from across multiple time periods

New biomes - Desert and Arctic

Remove mission timer

Add immersive HUD that actually works

Add more FT weapons, attachments and equipment

More cosmetics

Add more objectives to the short FT missions




There is exactly nothing GAY about this

Read em and weep big man!

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U askin too much big bro. They especially not gonna add new biomes 😢😞

I really like that idea about the armor.

Reminds me of the subway scene in pred 2.

Jerry (Bill Paxton) unloads his entire magazine into city hunter. His armor seems to deflect every shot.

This would counter out the duelist perk. Let’s say a shot gun or rifle can destroy the armor/penetrate at least. Stamina or leap would have to suffer to keep it balanced somewhat?.

However changing this game too much imo is risky. Maybe not worth the risk at all. It seems to be a fine line of struggle for balance and fun with PHG.


I mean I’m not being funny but in the movies the Predators’ armor just completely deflects or takes no damage at all from most bullets. In Predator 2, the City Hunter’s armor was quite literally immune to all the bullets that hit it, besides a couple rounds from the Assault Rifle that Harrigen shot at him with, which lightly made his head twitch back from the concussive force of the bullets and it obviously damaged his Plasma Caster, but besides that bullets did literally nothing to him.

IMO, instead of having the armor being able to be destroyed, I’d say just very significantly lower the damage or completely negate it depending on the firepower of the weapon used.

If the bullets were to hit the armor, pistols would do no damage, SMGs would do very small damage (and I mean like 5% of their full damage), shotguns could deal around 15-30% of their full damage depending on the range, Assault Rifles could deal 20-35% of their normal damage depending on the range and obviously a small amount more damage if a headshot, and Snipers could deal between 35-50% of their normal damage depending on range and whether its a headshot or not. Bearing in mind those are all random numbers to give the Predator’s armor more relevance without proper testing or knowledge of values as I don’t remember the damage values having not played the game since last year.

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Gay on gaay?

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You need to understand that movie accurate or real life accurate shit doesn’t necessarily translate well to fictional gameplay.

Pred will remain nerfed to the ground because otherwise the queue will be 20 minutes. Only way to bring the queue down is by discouraging people from playing Pred, and the easiest way to do that is by making it hard as fuck.

There’s a reason why other asymmetrical games suffer the same symptoms.

It is what it is. The game will never be balanced and they will never make it that way because most people who get the game aren’t interested in playing FT only or playing 50/50.

I’ve played this game for 4 years now and I have met far more Pred only players than FT only players. If I were to make a guess, I’d say there’s about 10 Pred only players per 1 FT only player.


Shouldn’t it be opposite? How more people playing pred increases que time instead of decreases?

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read carefully


That was actually main reason why I was asking you that question. You assume that I was starting to oppose and debate you…
My comments were with QUESTION MARKS.


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Well honestly no predator armor in either film covers his vital organs/center mass. I assumed the armor, being of alien origin, had strong ass magnetic properties. Bullets that get close are manipulated and deflected.

As Jelou is saying… the unbalanced game will slip off balance even further.

Sounds kool in theory. But in the actual game its a full unbalanced bucket of gonasyphaherpheles.

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Yeah very valid points.
They’d either have to go all-in on movie authenticity (something they clearly aren’t very partial to seeing as most of the movie Predators in-game don’t even have their accurate roars) or they’d have to prioritise game balance (something they are incompetent with) so either way it’s pretty much a lose-lose situation.

Allow me to elaborate further in regards to the armor suggestion

The armor would deflect damage only on the areas it is present but it is also destructible

As it takes damage and weakens it provides less and less protection to the point where it’s completely destroyed and falls off leaving the predator vulnerable

I’m in no way suggesting the predator be invincible

This would prevent the predator from being melted very early on and nothing more

Relax FT