Badass Game pitch for Savage Hills.

Savage Hills is a post apocalyptic fantasy horror RPG that takes place after crumble of modern world with magic,werewolves and Lovecraftish secrets instead of elves and orcs playable mutants think Forrest witches versus mad max style junk crawlers and lot more. There is three playable mutant races plus humans and ten factions. The Apocalypse was caused by parasitic proteins called prions that cause extreme mutations. The prions where the result of genetically modified bees and being reintroduced into the wild. these resources where spread throughout many products later due to natural disasters mutations appeared in the consumers though some people have natural immunity. The setting is North Carolina years after the crumble though most historical sites no longer exist the state offers a little bit of every environment from the Appalachian mountains to the Outer banks. The changing landscape caused a large cave system bandits,mutant animals and a tribe of large vampire like brutes one of the playable races call the cave system home. Instead of special weapons and armor unique modifications make weapons feel more personalized or spells for those inclined. Camp building and a customizable house bout used to travel the the large rivers also mutant horses with a customizable saddle. A horror system that monitors how long it’s been since your last encounter and what time you’re playing to send fear your way.One Faction is the Iron jaws when a traveling circus sets down roots in a zoo. When every one else abandoned these animals rejects themselves decided to care for the helpless creatures.And the Candy Butchers who are merchants who travel the hills on mutant elephants. Not the most trust worthy but you might find some good deals.The Scalpers which are bandits and cannibal clowns who hunt the surrounding forrests.Do too hard winters the performers was forced to scaveng and hunt others in order to protect the animals and feed themselves they are separated into three groups the main hub at the zoo.

Hope yall like it