Balance Changes Needed For Both Sides

-Tree branches hit box size needs to be increased and more added:
•Make them have larger hit boxes please because I’ll be standing directly behind the branch but fireteam weapons can still bypass the protection hits due to the hit boxes being too small.
•There needs to be a rework on branches to have the smaller branches protecting the predator during the end of a predkour climb/animation (even with Ascender, Branch Master, and Iron Side) the Predator still gets melted so easily, making the trees become too dangerous to use against chaser squads or even a single F.T. player that can line up every shot perfectly from knowing the animation timing and weak points of trees.

-Fireteam Plasma based weapons shouldn’t avoid branches:
•Plasma weapons create so many issues that completely shut down the predators only defense against the extremely overwhelming firepower of the fireteam.
•Leaders can exploit their damage buff by using a plasma weapon while someone else with unleashed cooks a grenade etc…

-Feature Update for Predators:
•Give Predators explosive damage reduction while on the tree branches when not in ADS. Not some 10% reduction, I’m talking about 30% reduction because explosives are way to punishing on a predator even when they are actively running away desperately.
•Increase range and flash bang duration for the Predator when second wind triggers. Cause it’s too easy to still find and hunt the Predator down.
•Increase Predators movement speed and leap distance during second wind. It’s better make sure the player actually gets to stay in the game a little longer.
•Allow the predator to rearm, repair or reclaim gear items once the radio is available. This will incentive preds to rearm or finish the kill against the last man standing. It also makes sense since fireteam get all their stuff back to being even stronger during end game while the predator basically has nothing left.

-Net Gun:
•Take away the net gun reload animation. It’s hurts the pred to apply propper crowed control using nets on players. Resulting from 911 pistol, hammer head, bolt action, and sub machine gun users to already break free and melt your health away in seconds resulting in a second wind or a insta death. This isn’t good balance in its current state.

-Nerf Gun(s):
•Nerf the Bolt action sniper rifle by 15%. That gun is just irritating at this point because that’s all I see Assault classes use to deal insane amount of DPS even while hip firing lol
•911 pistol needs it’s fire rate reduced, no extended mag and increased recoil because that gun is literally a predator killer and better than any gun in the game currently (from my experience of being a victim and user of this little monstrosity).
•HammerHead needs a nerf because it’s way too versatile in damage, explosive, ammo, scopes, etc that this assault rifle just outshine the rest, which is a shame because I personally would love to see more variety of weapon users in my matches as, with, and against ft players.

-OWLF Operative
•buff his movement speed slightly since their specializations require more terrain mobility.
•Take away Sniper for Field Medic. Overwatch is a better sniper play style and having the Support the only medic that’s slow isn’t that fun imo


Cute. Won’t happen.

I felt like I had traveled back in time. As a reward I shall give you my seed.

Personally, I think bug fixes should be prioritized. Examples include a bug where the Predator lands behind a jump marker (probably only occurs in open matches) and a -1 level bug in lobbies. There are many other bugs as well.

I feel that balance changes will need to be made once the bugs that obviously disrupt gameplay are fixed.

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I’m sure they’ll do bug fixes too but from the most recent patch notes they seemed to want to look more into rebalancing things so I hope the devs look into again

Yall are ret. arded, illfonic isn’t fixing a damn thing in this game

I respect your opinion because you taught me a lesson. For reference, could you please list three terrible problems that you would like illfonic to fix? (excluding super reckless and broken lobbies)

Like the jump ui? Or maybe the m1 input bug? Or broken audio? Or maybe losing the ability to use disk at all if it flies off the map? Or the stuck in sprint bug?
There’s a BUNCH.

What’s your in game name?

Yeah, plus things like high ping and abrupt fps drops as a predator. (Especially Backwater map)
Overall playing as Predator is a bit of a pain.

illfonic has been silent for over a month, and I think they’ll go silent again in a few months after dropping the DLC. I hope I’m wrong but looking at what illfonic has done so far I can’t trust them.

Epic ID: Thanksillfonic

I can’t believe sniper rifles don’t have sway… especially when not crouching… instead of all guns to have… disappointed…
and also aimbot… You make a speed build for the pred just to get 2-shotted in the back of your head while running and downed… 2 more and killed… great job…
autoequip CombiStick after retrieving…