Balance Feedback/Thoughts - from new Steam Player

Here are my thoughts regarding balance in this game (new Steam player):

  1. I played 15 matches as a Fireteam, won 13, lost 2 (all matches were random/quickplay, players from all platforms, queue time 1 minute), the ones I lost were from Elder Predator (so I’m assuming experienced 150 level players that knew exactly all the tricks, meta builds etc, one Playstation player, one Epic player). The ones I won ended in Predator getting killed by my own (not all of them but still) without using knife and parry (my timing was way off), every time Predator attacked me with melee I was able to bring him down to a second wind.

  2. Playing on Fireteam side is like a cakewalk, Predator is not a threat, more like a nuisance (with exception of these 2 Elder encounters, both of them were using Combistick throw and Yautja Bow), considering that I’m a casual player with casual aim (my Predator damage ranged around 2500-3700), one player with good aim and reflexes can kill Predator in matter of seconds (5 seconds? less?), this is just ridiculous, to be honest I felt sorry for the Predator (really!, very easy to spot/wallhack, cloak practically doesn’t work, can be seen from a very far away, trees are like: Kill me I’m here!)

  3. Now the sad part/Predator matches, I played only 3 matches as a Predator + tutorial (queue times 10 minutes, so not good, all 3 matches ended in Fireteam escaping, every match lasted below 5 minutes, very short Fireteam missions), every match frustrated me, maybe the “fun” factor will come later on higher levels and all but when a game frustrates you in the beginning then it’s very easy to for the player to lose interest, Predator gameplay is suffering all the things I wrote above: cloak is bad/nonexistent, very loud footsteps, leaves falling from branches, destroyable Predator weapons and equipment, Predator animations are stiff, Fireteam missions are very short and easy so Predator can’t hunt and stalk, reinforcement/resurrection option for Fireteam is too quick

To summarize: Fireteam isn’t even overpowered, it’s broken, Predator is a nuisance, gameplay is designed in favor of Fireteam

Ideas (note that some of them may be overpowered or broken, it’s up to devs/veteran players to decide, also all ideas are for Predator side because it is a worse side at the moment):

  • diversify Predator classes (Fireteam classes have unique traits like: longer mud duration, hip fire accuracy etc.), for example: Scout doesn’t make footstep noises/leaves don’t fall from branches,
  • make cloak relevant (clicking should be disabled on all classed when cloaked), improve drastically “cloak effect”,
  • make Fireteam knife destroyable after 2? parries (maybe some other equipment/weapons too), adjust Fireteam melee damage,
  • adjust Fireteam missions to last at least 10 minutes (no 3-5 minutes speedruns),
  • spot should work only on open areas, when Predator gets behind something, spot mark should disappear, spotting right now works like a wallhack cheat,
  • increase drastically Predator movement speed and stamina on all classes,
  • add other Predator weapons on maps as pickups (it can be very simple: green blood after dead Predator and a weapon beside it), so they can be changed (like weapon lockers for Fireteam),
  • reinforcement should restock Predator equipment/fix biomask, right now reinforcement is a penalty for Predator but a complete reset for Fireteam (no consequences for them),
  • considering this game using 1987 Predator movie as a template, Last Man Standing is a cool feature but can be much more, I thought something like this: Last Man Standing goes to a specified location on a map, lights a big bonfire that alerts Predator (alert like a chopper called), Predator goes there and they have honorable melee duel (both Predator and Last Man Standing weapons + equipment is disabled, Predator removes his biomask), of course this cannot be done right now because such duels would end with Fireteam winning all the time

Thanks in advance


Interesting to see feedback from new players is exactly what everyone said on release and continues to say 🤔 @OldKingHamlet

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Oh, and welcome. And yes, unless you fight a pred who’s been here since day one, FT is easy mode.

This gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It really does.

It makes me kind of sad honestly. This update to me proves they’re listening. BUT the core issues remain. That said, I’m at least having fun again.


Me too, feels closer to that Predator feel at launch.


Welcome to the club

Exactly this… and considering you are a new player this just means one thing… and that i was right all along and so were many of people before during beta testing and first release… when stuff was like more in predator favor and people were actually scared.

Entire post is basically long story short of what should be a thing but its not lol…

Playing fireteam takes actually no skill if you think about it… only skill it takes is if he rushes you, you need to learn the proper timings of each weapon… and if the predator is running net gun or smart disc you just juke it around like buildings or tree’s…

For real tho @OldKingHamlet , if you haven’t already check steam ratings and their takes about the game… the gameplay feels rushed, repetitive and for the most part takes no skill.

But have you seen how OP pigs are?

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Still tend to break for me lmao… legit didnt have a single pig on the excavation when they dealt a lot of damage to me i was almost close to second wind… wasted target isolation and no pigs

if you are talking about healing then yeah its broken… but they still spawn next to fireteam and at start on them or you.

But it’s also risky af lol… compared to syringes fireteam has

Talking about pigs, I literally had 12 spawn in the same spot lol. I used most of them as I was like f*CK it, free heals.

Ye the melee damage thing was something I always felt was sus, especially since the damage reduction perk, Impenetrable, doesn’t cover it, nor explosives. Of course, for the former, most don’t try to get in melee range because of Ghost and the one-shot ax, and explosives, from what I’ve seen as FT, end up killing the player more than hurting the Pred. So, it’s here and there, I suppose.

Atleast we can say it has a higher skillcap than DBD and you’re not just clicking 1 of 2 mouse buttons while walking in circles.

Granted thats not a very high bar but this game has a pretty high skill ceiling for an asymmetrical

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Idk man still hoping for patch 3.0 to be that big push that the game needed lol… or else im doing my plan i planned with @Fire and others

I think its the opposite and as soon as he rushes you you just hipfire his face and guns do 3x more damage at close ranged compared to trying to hit a sprinting pred at a distance.

hipfire is braindead af not really a point in parrying if you use AK/lmg. Just backpedal and hold the fire button & do most of the damage of the match in 3 seconds. FT takes much skill.

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Thats good damage but in pub randoms i can understand. you are obviously a good shooter gamer though and that shows. Im the same from predator perspective. i win nearly all my matches against randos and feel orry for them lol but a good fireteam is a real chalange and keeps you on your toes, healing with pigs every encounter, sometimes only getting 1 or 2 claims… as long as i dont die then i conide it “OK”.

Yep they can de very short we have been saying that for a long time. although i guess that mixes it up a bit, its just when u have a good fireteam and short missions its dumb, but cant win them all right?! - maybe a little tweak in this regard is needed.

Wow, thanks for all the responses, being honest I bought the game because of the Predator franchise, but only “fun” aspect is a Fireteam side, that makes me sad,
I’ve managed to get to level 90 but nothing has changed, been killing Predators left and right, my biggest achievement is surviving 1 on 1 with Elder Predator that caught me in net (twice!) and didn’t finish the job, that cost him second wind and activating a bomb


Just wait until he runs into guys like PsychoBaBas that use Recon with Tracker Perk and Sniper specialization. :D
THAT shit is broken as hell.

The learning curve for Preds is just too damn steep, since there is no good gamemode that really teaches new players how to play as Pred.
In the End-Game it really is like hell, you either get 7 claims against a random team, or you just run straight against a wall of experienced and coordinated FT veterans.


I agree