(Basic) Advices for the newbies

Why you’re still a jerk then?
Now you can call this hostility.

awfully defensive

Its the holy grail of protip posts dw about it.


I don’t care if Audio Decoy is useless. They’re fun to throw at the Predator after defusing. Best gear in the game! 🤷🏼‍♂️

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It’s fun because…?

Protip? You lost me there…

Honestly, I’m both shocked and embarrassed how stupid some of the PS4 Players are 😔

They’re not exclusive to PS.

I’ve run into my fair share of PC players who need help as well. Playing on a particular device doesn’t grant anyone brains…

especially when they plug in a playstation controller to their PC. LOL

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RIGHT!! 🤦🏼‍♂️

this is bad advice
mudding up at the start of the game is a myth that shouldn’t be done

remember a pred can iso at 1500 (cause they spawn earlier than the ft does) and get an uncontestable location for the team making mudding up at the start useless and a waste of time it’s best to mud up as soon as you reach the camp as soon as the team spawns they should be hauling ass to the first camp cause it’s easier to fight the pred at camps than in the middle of the jungle

I tried telling the potatoes on Reddit not to go for the optional objective instead of reinforcements and they downvoted the shit out of my post LOL.

It can still be effective against a lot of players from my experience. The thing I can’t understand, is when people still do it at the beginning of a match against a hunter with tracker specialisation.

Oh ik it’s not exclusive to platforms. But my community is PS till I learn to build a PC n therefore I am embarrassed by them n no 1 else

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Cause mudded up prevents the Predator to scan you as fast as if you were’n mudded up, that’s why…

After all this time, I never knew that! Thanks for the tip

Against any knowledgeable pred they don’t even need iso/they can do it before you have time to mud up

Still something u should do