(Basic) Advices for the newbies

So, after the PS+ monthly free games when a lot of people got this game, we’ve seen a lot of newbies in public matches.
Despite, most of them went half through the game, a big portion doesn’t still k ow some basic rules of this game, specially on FT side.
So here we go. Feel free to add something.

  • Don’t take ammo of you don’t need it. Specially in the beginning of the match, when for sure, you don’t even shot a bullet nor used a syrette.
  • Lose those smoke grenades, audio decoy grenades and the minigun. They are useless.
  • When 2 or more FT are dead, go for reinforcements no matter what. Don’t hide. If the Pred kill you, at least you die trying.
  • When the reinforcement radio was used, stay near it. There is an blue/red icon that tells you if you are near it enough.
  • when the Predator is meleeing you, parry him with your knife.
  • when you spawn in the beginning of the match, that’s not the time to test your weapons, you have Private Match for that. Also, don’t drop your health/ammo bags in the spawn location, nor in an open field, do it insite a building.
  • Spot the Predator whenever you can.
  • stay with the team at all time, unless rhe Pred start spamming, then it’s better to get cover if you can’t shoot/grenade the Predator away.
  • use weapons that serve your class/loadout. For example, i’ve seen a lot of people using Scout/Duelist, but not having a pistol equipped.
  • Turn off your mic. Any sound will help the Predator to locate you (and the team).
  • don’t try to revive a team mate when the Pred is around, unless you’re a field medic.
  • lose the XP perk. You’ll eventually get to lvl 150 sooner or later.
  • Mud up after spawn and whenever you can (safely) during the match.
  • Don’t kill pigs


Are you being serious

No, it’s r/huntinggrounds

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Yes, sometimes I’ll check out the sub and see what people say in contrast to here. Theres a lot more people there obviously but none of them have a clue.

I’m new to the game however you forgot to mention the following:


I can’t stand it when you get that one FT peep that goes running off while the rest of the team is camouflaging themselves from the Predator’s Target Isolation Scanner.


I forgot that. It’s useful off course. But with time, you’ll see that even mudding up is almost useless, cause a good Pred will find you no matter what. Unless you’re running Dutch 87.


Vast majority of ps plus players dgaf and even less would check the forum or even know it exists.
This is just a monthly addition to their roster of cheap games theyre not trying to git gud at it, its just free shit

There’s more people on the reddit and they have been utterly confused since launch.

I’m aware of that. But, since the monthly offer, many new users in the forum appeared too. Maybe they read this… Maybe it help. Maybe they can spread the message.
It was just my 2 cents…

Here are the two most important rules for this game:

  1. Do not hide like a little bitch

  2. Do not run away like a little bitch

If a player can refrain from hiding or running away like a scared pussy, they can beat almost every predator.


true we got like 5 ppl

Can you edit ypur post to be a little bit more constructive?
I open this thread to help, not to hate.

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Even if it was just 1.
But we got 132 new users the last 30 days. You lost an opportunity to not be ridiculous.
If you don’t wanna put something positive on this, fine. All i can ask you is to act like an adult and don’t post anything at all.


132 regular posters or are we counting bug reports? because now you sound ridiculous. such hostility.

The potatoes deserve all the hate they get.

Here’s another pro tip to help out the potatoes:

Don’t run across the entire map to get the optional objective, especially when the reinforcement location is right beside you.

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ok here we go

pick the LMG, close your eyes and hold the fire button at the melee pred

then you won’t have to worry about reloading or aiming

132, period.Not hostility. And you are the one who’s ridiculous. Seriously.
I’m just asking you to not being a jerk in this topic, and you are not even capable of doing that little thing… can you?

i guess you can just dodge that previous question lol

im sorry for talking about regular posters fren

Can you dodge being a jerk?
And i answered you. It could be even only 1 new user. Regular or not. I don’t care and that’s not the point.

is pointless
I’ve given up
Multiple times I’ve engaged on the in-game VC only to be received with a “I know what I’m doing” and watch them die and quit in less than a minute.
noobs will be noobs
There’s no way to teach cocky players who think they are the best in the world when they are trash and call “hacker” anyone who plays 1% better than them.
We’ve even gone as far as advising Pred players to run, hide, heal, and come back with a different approach, only to have them eat a pig in front of our eyes…