Batman is DEAD, DEAD!!

So in a recent interview, with Gamespot, WB Montreal, confirmed that batman will not be a playable character in the new Gotham Knights game and is officially dead! They used the phrase, “dead, dead” a very bold move, on their behalf, but they seem pretty confident, this game will be a hit with fans, regardless.

What are everyone thoughts on the upcoming game?

Is it time to focus on different characters in the batman universe?

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I think he’s gonna be the talon, if not then he’s definitely up to something with the court of owls

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Batman’s not dead. They’re just trying to throw us a curve ball…right?

I think the game can do well without Batman.

Maybe Azrael will have a prominent role?

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Lol fuck wb Montreal how are you going to make a Batman themed game without Batman. I know I won’t be picking this one up on the get go. Maybe when it goes on sale like everything else on the ps store lol

This is clearly them just covering bases by claiming he is dead dead. He’s definitely alive and will more than likely be playable

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Ehhh. I was kinda hoping they were saving the best for later. Makes sense, but rip any drop of interest I could squeeze out of my brain for this already seemingly meh title. Not interested in a game about batmans sidekicks in the slightest, sawry

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Man fuck that. I wanna play as Batman

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If they are going down the route of batman being dead, WB Montreal must be confident, that they have a solid game on their hands, with a great story arc! A game that will please the fans and keep them interested even without the bats.

So far There seems to be 3 types of fan base towards this game :

  1. Fuck WB Montreal, not buying a game without batman in it.
  2. WB Montreal are punking us, we will buy the game because batman will show up.
  3. We have already had 4 arkham games with batman, so I’m down for something new, without him.

I would say, i belong to category number 2, i want the batman to be in it and as a playable character. But if he actually is dead, i just hope the game is compelling enough to appease the fans 😁

The Batman games should be left to rocksteady anyway.

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What would james camerons batman game involve? I’d at least expect it to be superior to the arkham games lol.

Hot batgirl on batgirl action.


Always knew you were into that weird Paralyzed porn

🔥 Hot wheels eh? 🔥 lol

She ain’t paralysed in the game trailers.

There is a wheel chair in the trailer and it looks like she is wearing a robo leg suit tho

Hey, paraplegics need love too😏


I know. And shit you can bend them further than normal ladies aswell

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You’re gonna get me banned🤣

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In the name of science tho so its all in good fun.