Batman Robins Tim Drake is Gay?!

Lol man I’m really behind like I don’t even remember this happening lol 😂

I only remember Tim liking Batgirl in Arkham, which is off since in the comics she’s with Nightwing no?

So as far as I know sure if it’s not a retcon

I don’t understand why they have to gay and race swap and not make their own characters

When I’m 50, with nothing better to do with my time, I’m gonna just make cartoons. Not even smutty ones, just cartoons, and I have a very precise plan on what to say if somebody ever asks me to include a gay character in one of my creations. I will simply say:
"The fact that you feel the need to ask me to include a gay character for the sake of it simply reinforces my reasons for not doing so. If it benefits the plot at any time, then sure, but I’m not gonna whack one in just to make an extra 9% of the population happy."

So you can prolly tell my stance on the issue lol


Even since that dude from Pirates from the Carribean took the role of Night wing, shit has been gay with nightwing too from (i’m sure) gay artists everywhere for no reason other than feeling the need to put Grayson in his face.

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Haven’t they done entire comics making numerous characters gay? Fucking sad assholes pushing smut on kids…and nerds


What’s the difference

seriously they need to to like a spotter’s guide so i can tell them apart

Well I really should have said kids , nerds and kid nerds . They are pretty easy to spot , nerds have beards and a comic in their hand , kids/kid nerds are beardless and have a comic in their hand .

There are exceptions of course like @ElderPreddy , who can’t grow a beard but is in fact an adult .

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Thx bro

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They’'ll treat homosex like its a flu…comes and goes. Until the 18+ homo stuff arrives at DC and they be going “Well that snowballed fast!”.


Well my point is I’ve never heard of Tim being in a relationship before in the comics, os it’s not really gay swapping if he wasn’t confirmed before

Did he have a relationship before?

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Lol I can grow a goat and a mustache just not a Kratos beard lol 😂

Yes tons but ya know crisis keep rebooting everything and everyone lol

I thought Tim drake was more recent

Someday you will get there little guy 👍🏻

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Is there any other kind?

Yeah , its called a vegan/soy beard . Its like a pencil mustache but it goes along your jaw line

Oh look, another valid argument for genocide XD

I’ve yet to hear an invalid one

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