Battlefield 2042 no hud

lol Battlefield being called a Milsim ever.

I’m going to recommend ARMA 3 or Foxhole’s autism instead. Or how Foxhole used to be before the greentide destroyed all sembelance of roles.

Didn’t realize it said milsim. I played arma 3, squad, and hell let loose.

All of which were more tactical and more of a milsim than bf2042.

BF is more fun imo and looks better.

BF3 looks better than 2042 if i’m being honest.

Idk wtf happened with that game. Even the level destruction is 100% worse.

2042 map event is some signs falling off building and a sandstorm filter. The tornados are memes if you even get them and just a form of transportation wtf.
Maps are open as all hell and there’s no flow to them at all.

Its been like 3 years and there’s still like 5 vehicles and 1 drone dog and they’ve removed the ability to call in ammo drops because you’re punished for not dying.

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You are laughably correct on all points. I am currently yet still enjoying the constant updates to the game. A bf3 remaster would be great

Wasn’t that game supposed to be glitchier than PHG?

Or did they finally fix it

I’m having fun with it right now. I have been getting a just above potato K/D so… I am saying it’s fun because I kill more than I die perhaps.

There’s no bug I have encountered on bf2042 that’s more annoying than pred acting yeetarded when he’s getting his ass kicked.

Like how he power slams by himself when his health is low.

That could mean the difference between winning or losing against players like mojo Dusan etc.

Made me turn the game off for a sec.

I can’t even think of a bug on bf2042 that has pissed me off to that extent yet. I appreciate seeing updates twice a month so far…makes me feel like the devs/publishers are trying to actively make the most out they product.

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