Before anything else...

Before any new maps, before any new game modes, before any new shaders, before any new buff/nerf… Jesus Christ FIX THE GAME!!! The game crashes are all over the place. Things like Predator Slam are triggering crashes. Framerates drop to the floor for FT every time there’s more than 5 AI around. The shore area in Backwater still has frame drops to unplayable levels, even on a high end PC. Only solution for performance issues and random crashes seem to be lowering graphics, so I’m pretty sure they are all performance related.

Do you really have any plans to fix all this things? Seems to me every time you “fix” one thing you break 10. At this rate the player base will just continue to shrink like it has been for the past few weeks. Now even getting a match for FT takes more than two minutes (even though the timer says 30 seconds).



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Yeah its unreal how sometimes on low i get with my 1070 around 94-110 fps but it dips to like 72fps or 74 then goes to 88fps and stays there… its very inconsistent lol…

and let me tell u GTX 1070 runs current triple A gen title games at like 40-55fps on max settings at 1080p which just does not make sense… and on low its consistent 110-120 fps lol…

plus not only that the Servers are so bad man… i thought this game had dedicated servers??? lmao

I upgraded my 1070 for a 2070 Super OC and I can’t get over 75fps average at medium settings 1080p, yet I can run Crysis at over 100fps steady at maximum settings.


Yeah my 1070 is like on avg at medium settings 70 fps lmfao… makes no sense cause 2070 super is like double the performance of 1070 smh…

2070 should get atleast 120 fps on medium…

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It’s mid-September and we’ve heard nothing.

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These freezes can go away already, if they launch a new map mode and it doesnt improve I’m finding another game for 6 months

I have a 1070 Ti OC to 2000 MHz Core and 4500 MHz VRAM with clocks locked at max speed and still won’t get stable 60 FPS at 1080P

is absurd

I don’t have as many crashes as before, but there was a time that unless I set all graphics to LOW, I would get random crashes every day

OC & CPU does not matter thats for sure now… the only gpu able to reach 60 fps constantly would be either 2080 super or 2080ti lmao… or rtx titan which both costs atleast 1000$ so yeah nah fam xD…

I got 9900k which is Oced at 5 1ghz

my 1070 is at 2025mhz and 4500mhz memory too and yet its just unable to give constant 60 fps its always like dipping n shit at some parts… its i believe faulty shadow quality texture issues and also render issues of it… and memory leaks all around

@Courier @OldKingHamlet

My PS4Pro fan needs therapy, never known it make so much noise before. Framerates go through the floor whenever there’s too much happening at once like thermals, smoke, AI, FT firing, Pred leaping makes it flickbook-esque.

Optimize asap please.

I have 1060 , when I go into the jungle on back water my frame rate drop from 60/65 to 30 and I cant literally turn my visual.


Its not your ps4 issue… its the game and bad optimizations lmao… ur fine just dont let it overheat… my gpu reaches 88c in pred when i dont put max fans…

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It helps but yeah, still not able to have constant 60fps. Before OC I would barely hit 70 fps on medium settings

I have my fans at max and with ambient temp around 68F I get around 70C. That is if I turn on Vsync. If I turn it off, I go up to max which is 83 and gpu usage is always at 99%. I like Vsync on, with Vsync off I feel the game kinda jittery and I just don’t like it overall.

Been saying this since launch pretty much. HA, pATCH 2. whatever and still runs and plays like shit 5 months later… careful all the cosmetic dweebs don’t slander you. Lol

I told you I have a 2070 Super and I push above 60 fps. And cpu does matter, RAM memory matters…a 1070 at 2000mhz is not the same as a 2070 at 2000mhz.