Before you think about aim assist

If you put aim assist on, you will have supreme advantage at finding the predator as your crosshairs will find the invisible predator at any point of the match… this game was meant for PC only. The nerfs were from PS4 metrics showing how bad they are.

Tell me how many times you think this specific thing is why you have lost as predator. And not just cause you’re loud af and EZ to see


Preds cloak in this game 👇🏻



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Middle is overlord shader and right one is the requiem shader x’D


I have stoled this image. It is under my custody now.


The new armour skins… are they not out yet. I got some out of loot but the skins arnt available.

There should only be one armor skin. Nova. Brand new with the current update, applicable to most of the preds

I thought they were making new armour models w/ skins

Every classes armour needs a rework as well as the models

Oh, those. The Elite skins haven’t arrived yet. But they should be coming in the next update

I won skins for those… also my first day today since feb… i got 2 golds with 15k currency… are drop rates higher?

This game already has aim assist lol

Yes, actually! They increased the drop rates significantly. But to counter that, they also decreased the amount of VT that is given back for duplicates

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They also increased weeklys with more mission vt. So its better inmo

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That’s how I feel with Fireteam with those new camos

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How to turn on/off aim assist?

I want mine off

I want jungle hunter released