Best Alien movie

  • Alien
  • Aliens
  • Alien 3
  • Alien Resurrection
  • Prometheus
  • Alien Covenant

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What’s the Best Alien movie in your opinion?

  1. Aliens, it was badass and hit all the marks.

  2. Alien is also great but just a tad bit slow for me.

  3. Prometheus had some cool concepts ruined by massive amounts of character stupidity.

  4. Resurrection is a guilty pleasure of mine.

  5. Alien 3 is alright, kinda shitty but at least the alien is cool.

  6. Covenant sucked.


Alien resurrection, hands down

Alien - ending sucked though but was the best intriguing film overall visually.
(Alien Isolation is the actual real sequel.)
Covenant - most gorey and provided new chills, the aliens weren’t too meaningful to me but it is a decent design.
Alien 3 - most prolific and styled successor, pacing is great!
Prometheus - intriguing and great visually but not enough gore. Its a good look into the backstory of the corporation though.
Aliens (is an alternate universe) - kind of 80s trash but at least the games which closely resemble it makes up for the trash. It set the stage for the games.

Resurrection: nope, almost never, aliens were animated like loony tunes. It tries hard to get the feel right and resemble the intensity of Aliens but just too many of them swimmers.

Aliens is starship troopers, also great but I don’t care for turning xenos into bugs.

The chestburster in the OG being one of the greatest sci-fi moments kind of seals it for me. And I prefer the aliens upright uncanny movement rather than it just crawling around running into gunfire zerging.

Isolation was a better sequel than Aliens tone-wise JS

I too loved that scene.

I’m more of an action dude than a horror film lover, so I prefer Aliens to Alien
I enjoyed both Prometheus and Covenant more than Resurrection and Alien 3

Can’t say I’ve only watched the first and second.

Frankly all of them are good and have the artistic vision of the director and teams working on them.

When it comes to the best alien movie, I have a soft spot for ““Aliens.”” It’s a classic that blends science fiction and horror perfectly, and the suspense throughout the film keeps me glued to the screen. The tension and the unique world created in the movie make it a standout choice for me.
If you share a love for alien-themed films like I do, it’s always exciting to see movies that are out right now. You never know when you’ll stumble upon a new alien movie that captures your imagination and becomes a personal favorite.
Whether it’s revisiting the classics or embarking on a journey to discover fresh sci-fi tales, there’s a whole universe of cinematic wonders out there waiting for us to explore.

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