best way to get an ps5

help me PHG COMMUNITY I KNOW YOU you will post your memes here xd

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Follow this account. Turn on alerts so you always get notifications when he tweets. Sign up for EVERYTHING, Walmart, Target, Amazon, pay for Gamestop Rewards, etc. so you can checkout as fast as possible. And try to be as available as you can when he tweets out a drop, because you’ll need to move fast, and usually you’ll need to keep refreshing and you’ll need to pay a lot of attention. Above all else, learn and be content with the fact that you will fail, A LOT, before you succeed. But be patient and keep trying, and you’ll get your shiny new PS5.

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Best advice I can give you is that you have to be unbelievably aggressive and persistent. Keep your eye on drops and jump in on them when you expect them to arrive or get posted.

Unfortunately there are still a ridiculous amount of bots and scalpers that are grabbing them up so you have to play hard ball.

By the way, go after the giant super expensive bundles. Scalpers tend to stay away from those so that’s your best chance. I ended up grabbing up a bundle that came with two games. It was no big deal because I sold the extra games to friends of mine that wanted them.

I gave up, trying to get one is beyond fucked. Best thing to do is wait it out until the slim version comes out and the main ones aren’t as high a commodity.

You have to keep at it. My brother and I ended up getting five of them between us to help our friends out because they were having a tough time.

We weren’t using bot programs or anything either. Just being insane about when all the drops were happening and like I said above.

Not sure if they’re doing it again but we got a PS5 from GameStop on the 30th bundled with a bunch of other games. Call around and ask when their next shipment is, if you’re nice they might let you know.


love how I post the actual, best way to get one of these stupid things and it falls on deaf ears.

Thanks, be watching

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Bless. Just stay vigilant, Xeno is right (scary I know) about the bots and for going after bundles. Walmart is usually the one that gets wiped out in seconds because they have no bot protection. Gamestop, Target, and Sony Direct tend to yield the best results. And bundles will cost you a lot more than the base system, but you get more for the price and its more easier to get sometimes. When I was hunting for myself and my friend, I scored bundles because of this.

Me=giving you money to buy me one in case I miss a chance

I’m actually gonna be really busy every day until Friday and weekends once I start my new job at the end of the month. I’d appreciate any help I can get, willing to pay the price and shipping and maybe some extra for helping out. Lmk hommi

Or you can cure covid19…

The best Way?

Buy a Bot Program.

The easiest way.

Buy it from a Scalper.

I understand its more expensive and “Unsafe” but its the easiest way.

Steps to make sure you get a Ps5.

Make sure they are in your area. The meet up location is somewhere you know. Or know you will be safe example a Police Station Visitor parking. They tend to have a Safe place meet up for online consumer to Consumer shopping.

Have different scalpers lined up.

Always Travel with a companion to the Buy.

The Most effective way but also requires you to wait.
Sign up for Emails for PlayStation direct.

2nd Most expensive way. That I do not recommend.
Best Buy has a new Program. Its basically a subscription service for presale items. I.E the mythical Ps5 or xbox or Graphics Card.

So you pay some crazy amount of money for this subscription its over 150 dollars American.

This gets you direct communication with best buy on the exact day and time the ps5 will be on the shelves or in the store to purchase. You also get a head-start on the online order because it can be placed in your cart ahead of time.

I do not suggest this unless you are also planning on buying everything that comes out in the year day 1.

Good. Maybe now you can fix the bug sound on PS5, right?

We test on PS5s as well. This one is just personal so I can fill all the storage with AC games. :)


Hum… Ok. :)
But… but…
Why is the sound bug still among us then?

Animal Crossing? You freaking hacker.

Assassin’s Creed!

I knew that, lol. But knowing you, I figured if you could jailbreak a PS5 and load it with every Animal Crossing game in existence, you would.

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