Best way to rush mission

any really effective ways to do this

Run as fast as you can.

In all seriousness learn the missions. Once you have you’ll want someone speedy like a scout rushdown or recon amphibious with the interaction perk. Equip the hammerhead and the pump shotgun or the prototype and 101112 and just run like hell to each section. If you’re with trusted teammates have them go to one area and you go to another that you’ll know will be next and get ready. If it’s one where you have to destroy certain objectives at a certain point then destroy them before that point comes up ie toxic barrels, chopper, antennas.


dammit it just sounds like i needa GIT GUD and memorize missions, so would i do the same thing if im solo

Pretty much. Only problem in solo is will your randoms survive long enough to get the mission done and have time for the chopper. Or will the pred go after you first completely dismantling your plan then you get to watch as helpless teammates try and figure out how to mud up.

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Run scout with double time, pig in shit and dextrous. Ignore AI as much as u can.
Learn the next step of the mission, some objectives don’t need FT to be close (timer bombs, drug burn), and go straight to the next camp/objective.


Another hint is that anything that needs to be destroyed for a mission can be destroyed at any time durring the mission, so if you’re doing a mission that has you wait around for a timed event, you can start destroying whatever will need to be destroyed while waiting for that. Still requires learning the mission though.


Let fren die

I have all the Nearest Infil Locations logged so you can start the mission quickly.

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Learn them. Some objectives do not require you to stay close, so head to the next one. Select the closest infill always. Scout with double time. Having a teammate cover you against AI and the pred helps tremendously. Disable all camp alarms to prevent AI distracting you specially with objectives you need to stay close by. Use sound suppressors to avoid alerting AI and the Pred. Stay mudded. Use 1 or 2 shot weapons to kill AI.

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Awesome stuff team lets keep it rolling. if anyone else has anything good to add, do it

Speed perks as scout class like fast hands, stamina and I dunno reload then do all the objectives while your team dies then hide till the chopper comes

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Rush so pred can pick u all off =)

hope to god u dont get one shot plasma’d

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Yes especially if I’m a scout or a recon class

Don’t rush mission.
Have an Overseer on your Team that waits with the mission to trigger the heals for when you fight the Pred.
Works like a charm.

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If you mean rushing mission in public hunt matches then i’d suggest Dante-Fanatic. Dante can also carry medkits or ammo bags. His higher health pool and passive skills gives him pretty nice survivability too.

But it all depends on how good the Pred and FT players are imo, and alot of other factors, so it’s hard to tell the best way to rush them.
On some missions the Predator can put the progress on hold by keeping enough pressure on the FT so they can’t finish, let’s say, turning of the wheels on the pump house mission on Backwater. If this is the case then the FT have to succeed pushing the Pred back to finish the mission.

One tactic that worked for a long time in premades is to have one guy do missions and the other three chases the Pred, being offensive. But it all matters who the Pred is and who are playing in the FT, so i shrug my shoulders. 😁

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