Better controller mapping

So target isolation is only available in vision, so making the d pad right available when not in vision to switch weapons would be helpful

Mimicry requires the d pad to be held, so making a quick press select a weapon would be helpful

When pressing r3 we can quick select weapons by making all 4 d pad buttons available as secondary

Why is the switch blade even available as a weapon? The plasma caster does both, actually all ranged weapons allow for melee when not aiming

Also of course switching weapons while in the air, seems silly that a hunter species cant do that, the FT can actually shoot while in the air

dude stop playing this game it’s shit there are bugs everywhere afterwards it’s for your own good that I say that

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And yet you’re constantly making threads about dlc and spouting random nonsense. C’mon dude. Guy just asked about custom controller mapping which most of us do use


theres a setting to alter your controls

Customize your controls like I did.

Careful cus some Fireteam players consider customizing the keys as Predator a form of exploit.


If ya put Cycle Gear on L1; Weapon 1 on Up, Weapon 2 on Right & Weapon 3 on Left on the D-Pad ya never have to access the Weapon Wheel again and can freely swap between all you stuff at the press of a button. Greatly improves response times & lets ya start doing weapon combos if you want. Just move Target Iso onto Down on the D-Pad and put Vision on the Right Stick, that way ya don’t even have to move your hand to swap between Normal & Thermal Vision. Can’t really use the Mimicry Wheel but a small price to pay really.


That seems to work well, although my muscle memory wont let me lol, will take a few more games before i get used to it haha

Used to be able to change weapons mid jump, they patched it out, far too op…🤣

Oh but don’t worry, Fireteam can still swap weapons & gear mid-jump.

They can also shoot in the air, had a hacker shoot rockets at me in the air multiple times and rapid fire

Well of course fire team cannot be out classed by a mere predator…

Just as a raw curiosity I would like to see a comparison of things that the predator has lost in patches cuz I can’t think of one thing that the fire team has lost. Pred has definitely lost the ability to switch weapons and jump and also lost the ability to track down the reinforcement radio. What other sneaky little pred handicapping things have they done?

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They added in Sound Effects for when you try to activate Cloak or Thermal whilst overloaded which are really loud and let the Fireteam know your exact location and that ya can’t use Vision, Cloak or the Caster so you’re prime for being jumped.


That was added in a patch? Sounds like a handicap for sure…
Continuing down the rabbit hole…

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