Biggest salt over the Alpha

Just played a Player by the name of The_Mighty_Bane, was truly salty over the fact that I was the Alpha saying that I dont own the figure and I shouldn’t have the Alpha lol. Them proceeds to walk out of bounds and kill themselves

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Imagine if they heard about all non americans who bought the figure, waited a month for it to arrive, and couldn’t download the skin because it’s region locked?


I do love the salty ones no matter what they’re gripes are😈



They said it would only work in America

But as for the salt man, he does have a reason to be. Illfonic never said it was gonna be a free update. Those of us who bought the alpha figured it was gonna be a paid dlc later


Don’t know how to break it to you bro. Only real grinders have the Ps4 Code Card from Alpha Packaging.

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Yea when i saw in patch notes that alpha is free on some lvl i maded big “ouch” because there can be some people which paided for figure to only just get ps4 code…

He be like image

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Lol oh well. Im glad i didnt waste my money on some dumb doll.

The people who bought the figure just for the code pulled a big dumb cuz I’m pretty sure u could’ve just paid for the dlc code right? Or did u have to buy the figure?

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U had to buy the figure

How do I like something more than once

lol i dont know

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That’s an oof. I bought the figure but only cuz I wanted it too

We all knew Alpha was coming out eventually, unlike Jungle Hunter. I really don’t get the anger unless you were just a scalper looking to sell his code for like a hundred cash.

Richterbryan be like to the kid mad

They never said it was gonna come out free, they made it seem like we were buying early access dlc

They never said he was paid for either. Don’t get that arguement either.

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Y would they make u pay for something just to make it free? It’s not a good thing to do to ur customers and a very very scumbag thing to do