Biomask "Bone" unproportional

The “Bone” mask has 2 things wrong: the proportion and this slime effect on the bone, fix that cause is not a bad mask, but its too mutch big, also the animation on the mandibles is needed


Y además deforma a los super predator cuando la usa

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It’s huge like the Tank mask and the Emissary one. The funny thing is that it looked great in the preview, but in the game it’s enlarged just like all the latest masks.

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and the wolf mask, don’t forget it


literalmente, y las animaciones de las mandíbulas?? dónde están?

Way too big Illfonic. Looks ridiculous.
Like a trunk.


XDDD agreed just look on my thumbnail the right side is what they said what we would get VS what we got on the left…

Not a bug. That’s just how they made it. Clearly made to fitv feral pred dlc that’ll be released down the road

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we all know its not a bug, just dropped the mask too big like wolf or tank ones

Fixed, not so difficult, just the right proportions



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So when do we sue IllFonic for false advertising?

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But it not just proportional, it also jaws does not moving

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I’ve just signed up to post the same thing and saw the topic. IllFonic we want you to remake this mask. In the comments section of review videos of the last update, everyone complains about how inconsistent the feral mask .s

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I’m sure they’ll address this. If there’s one thing Illlfonic is known for, it’s fixing issues that hundreds of people have brought to their attention for months or years


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