Blue screen crashing is still a thing?

Jebus!! What’s happening today?
Every fuck|ng game is glitched today?
Endless looping connecting status.
Half of the marches i get connected i get blue screen crash!
If somehow i get in the match, the sound is glitched with interferences and cuts.
@Courier @OldKingHamlet @IllFonic is this ever gonna be fixed???

My personal record:

PSN is fine:

My internet is fine:


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Christ on a stick 🤦‍♂️

Ask weevo
He is a professional blue screener
Edit: shit he was faster than me


This shit is beyond human comprehension.
How this things happen is what troubles me…
This is worst then a BETA version of an online game from the 90’s.


That’s what she said.

And yeah it’s been happening at least once a day since the last hot fix. How ironic.



On a good day I get 30mbps 😭😭🥺🥺

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And looks the problem is not affecting just me.
Last 2 matches just now, i’m shooting at the Predator and suddenly he is teleported to the edge of the map already dead.
Tha AI’s are glitching too. I shoot them, they teleport some meters right and left.

Yes. My internet is excelent. One more reason for me to be sure that the problem is not on my end…

I cant even look at it 😖

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I know how you feel. When i had ADSL i barely got 10 Mbps. Now with Fiber Optics is a whole new level…

I’m flagging this post , it needs to be taken down 😁.

At my previous address I could get maybe 90-100mbps , but I was right at the hub . Looking at your speeds has made me feel like I have just been slapped across the face by a 12 inch dick , infront of the girl of my dreams while pointing out I only have 2 inches 😔.

Fuck your Internet 🖕🏻

Can I vacation at your place for 6 months of the year? 😄


Sure. I got a spare bedroom. But bring the girl of your dreams. :)

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Sinior moralez, you got a deal

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Update dropping in the next .00750123 seconds

Your predictions need to git gud .