Blue screening

@Kassinaillia My game crashes every 2-5 games now, please fix this in the update. I’m on ps4, and I can be doing anything in the match and it’ll crash.


Blue screen? I got that once long time ago, but one of my friends does get it almost every day.

Lucky, I get it everyday.

I know how you feel , it sucks , I once bluscreened 15 times in a 2 hour play session
And after that … my PS gets all laggy

If by lagging you mean frames ps dropping, I do not think it’s related to bluescreening; it’s just a different issue a lot of us have.

It always happens directly after the blue screen , my ps menu … and everything … gets laggy and messages dont load efficiently , if there isn’t a blue screen … its usually fine
This game will destroy my PS lol

I feel you bro. PHG is the one that most requires effort from my PS to run. This game is the only one where the fan sounds through the mic.

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It’s funny how I could run Cyberpunk on a launch PS4… On launch of Cyberpunk… On PS4

But this game on PS4 crashes every 10 minutes. And yet… I only crashed 3 times playing 200 hours of launch Cyberpunk? On a launch PS4!? That tells you everything you need to know about how they built this game. It’s flimsy and held together by toothpicks and boogers. Need to rebuild the entire frame piece by piece. But they won’t. Costs too much money and its obvious they don’t think it’s lucrative. Dunno if they thought it was to begin with.


Honestly, from what I’ve seen from illfonic is the second a game stops giving tons of money they move on to a new game and do the same process.

Error CE-34878-0…
This has been happening to me since 5 months ago! And they never fixed it!